Principal's Message


"Arise and shine for your light has come. The glory of God has come upon you"

(Is: 60:1). Almighty God has a plan for every person, He says "I have a plan for you, a plan for your welfare" When a human person is born into the lap of mother earth, he or she is entrusted with a mission which is unfolded gradually as years go by and one realizes what it really is only ager days of reflection. One understands the physical value of life when one of the organs does not function as it is supposed to. A blind person understands the value of the gift of sight. Man is created in the image and likeness of God. God wants every person to grow unto Him.

The dignity of life is much spoken of and reflected everywhere and more specifically in our School as we have taken 'Dignity of life' as the theme for the 2015-16. There were ample occasions to highlight the theme by inviting the mothers, fathers and grand parents of children to School on Mothers' Day and Grand parents' Day and by honoring them, The Students as well as the elder ones got an occasion to raise their hearts to God.

There is a growing tendency in the world that the Dignity of human Life is not given utmost importance. There is no time for the parents to sit with their children, So also the children can't find time for Their beloved parents who have spent their whole energy, toiling hard while earning for their daily.