Vision & Mission


We, The CMC sisters of pushparam province inspired by a vision drawn from the life and teachings of jesus christ, our supreme guru and formulated by our founder fathers, stand for the total formation of the human person and the upliftment of women through education.

This vision and principles give our educational institutions a specific character human excellence being a priority. The thrust in our schools is to put into effect the ideals of humanism.

We aim at forming children into well-integrated, mature, patriotic, compassionate and socially conscious human beings that they become men and women for others


To Grow a culture of faith through a deep experience of the Fatherhood/motherhood of God and the brotherhood/sisterhood of humankind.To ensure holistic and integral development of every student that he/she realizes his/her responsibility towards family, society, nation and to the whole world. To train the students to behold the presence of Divine in the universe and in the scientific and technical achievements. To provide an education of quality and relevance to all in particular to the marginalized.